Sekolah Alam Medan
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Update | Feb 07, 2019
Our initiative :

The original vision of Sekolah Alam Medan (SAM) was to provide inclusive education for both
students with and without special needs ; however, the low awareness
on inclusive education  in the community rendered it impossible for
the school attract families with children of all abilities to enroll
with the school. As s result SAM caters primarily to special needs /
difable (SN) students.

SAM classrooms are made from natural wood / bamboo and the school
motto is Ramah untuk  Semua (Kindness for All). The motto and guiding
mission  of the school advocates for kindness to be extended to all
includes flexible arrangements with low income families at several
remote areas in Medan city as well as  the environment.

SAM’s mission (Vision Impact) is to provide an environmentally
sustainable education model and equip  students with the life skills –
driven by earth friendly practices – that will have a positive impact
through greater independence  gained.

Description of our initiative :

1.       To stop Climate Change.

To stop climate change, we encourage people to be Vegan by doing
exhibitions and seminars. Detail explanations of why vegan could be seen at different pages at
#BeVeganAct4DisadvantageNow of kitahebat campaign.

2.       To reduce inequalities.

To reduce inequalities, we encourage people to act for disadvantage now.

If we do not do the activities, there would be  hundreds of SN do not
get rehabilitated / education, poverty and unemployment leads to

Initiative Success Story :

Some of our SN students and marginal community are able to be
independent and live with their family as written report at Tempo
special ed. 14-17 August 2016.

There is an evidence of investable market for sustainable
environments, proven by our projects.

Why we have to choose you and your team as the participant in this academy ?

SAM has competitive added value in its supply chain to its customers
and beneficiaries that make SROI and Social Impact looks attractive.